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Updated 28 July 2021

We reserve the right to update these privacy terms at any time.



Etaxjobs Ltd is a UK registered company (05195066) and our address is 5 Raby Avenue, Barnard Castle, County Durham DL12 8AJ

Our business comprises several websites that advertise tax jobs and publish tax news. We launched in 2004 and have always taken data protection very seriously. For example, we have never offered a ‘cv search’ facility to our clients, because we feel strongly that the candidate should always be in complete control over who views their information.

We registered in 2017 as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office, reference ZA293650 and this registration will be automatically renewed every 12 months.

We have tried to make these privacy terms as easy to read as possible and have avoided complex legal terminology wherever possible. If you disagree, please contact and we will try and make things clearer.

The information below refers to your ‘personal data’ and we need to explain what we mean by this. It will obviously include your name, email address and your cv but it will also include other information that could potentially identify you, for example your IP address. It might also include your preferences, for example the wish to relocate and work in Switzerland.


Who to contact

If you are worried about your privacy or have a question or request to put to us, the quickest way of getting in contact is to email the CEO of etaxjobs ltd: Chris Bale at email address

We will respond to an email within 24 hours. If you want your personal data to be deleted or edited, we will do this within 48 hours.

If you are not happy with how we have dealt with your enquiry, then you have the right to raise a complaint with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office):

Which bits of the GDPR legislation allow etaxjobs to process your personal data?

There are 4 legal bases for us to process your Personal Data and these are outlined below.

It is necessary in order to satisfy our contract with you

We are a job board and when you apply to a specific job you expect us to send your CV to the recruiter or employer. So we process your data in order to satisfy our contract with you.

You gave us your consent

Once or twice a month we send out a newsletter or eshot to registered candidates. This usually includes information about interesting jobs, news about movers and shakers in the tax market, upcoming conferences or tax qualifications. We do this with your express consent when you first register with

You can withdraw this consent at any time. This can be done by you (by clicking unsubscribe on an email you receive from us) or you can ask us to do this for you by contacting .

A legal obligation may apply

For example, in the unlikely event that we are asked to assist a law enforcement organization with their investigation, we may need to process your data. We have to be able to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

Legitimate Interest

This is a legal term that is referred to in the GDPR legislation. As long as your data protection rights are not infringed, we are allowed to process your data when it is in etaxjobs’ legitimate interest.

Broadly speaking legitimate interest will cover these scenarios:

In the course of day to day business with a customer, shareholder, employee or subcontractor. So this would also include The Strategies Group, who are the IT company that we lease our website from and who manage all technical issues with the website and database.

To advertise, market and recommend jobs, news, training courses and qualifications to you. This is also covered by your consent above. If you withdraw consent then we will not rely on Legitimate Interest.

To sell our service to our clients

To keep our websites secure and ensure that they are working properly

If we have a complaint from a client (ie recruiter or employer), although this is uncommon.

When we are trying to improve our service to candidates by understanding how you use etaxjobs.

If at some point in the future we decide to wind up or sell etaxjobs or assets of etaxjobs, for example our database.


How do we collect your personal data ?

It is worth pointing out here that if you do not want to give us any personal data then you should not register on

There are situations where candidates do not want to upload their cv online, notwithstanding our candidate-focused privacy policy. For example, senior tax partners sometimes prefer to speak to us over the phone and for us to provide them with a recruiter/employer’s contact details verbally. We are very happy to accommodate in these situations and please direct your initial enquiry to if this is applies to you.

Virtually all the personal data we collect about you is provided by you when you register on our site or apply for a job. Please note that because we do not offer a CV search facility, we do not ask you to upload a cv when you register with us. We do insist that you attach a cv when you apply for a specific job, however, you do not need to store this cv on our database. The default position is that your cv will not be stored on our database and you need to tick a box on the application form if you do want it to be stored.

We might collect some personal data about you without you realizing that you are giving it to us. So, for example, if you are in the UK and sign up for job alerts in Switzerland, we could become aware that you have an interest in relocating to Switzerland.

Other than the registration process and application pages, we also collect information from cookies and our other online content eg job alerts on and a sign up link for our newsletter that appears on and redirects to a form on Sendinblue.


What sort of personal data do we collect about you?

As mentioned above, if you click the relevant tick box on the application form we will store your cv on our database. So your cv is likely to include your name, contact details, education, work experience etc. It might also include personal information you choose to provide eg how many children you have, your religion, your membership of a union and your personal interests. Please note that we do not extract any information from the cv as we have no interest in it.

We will also store your email address and your name (if you provide it)

We track IP addresses because sometimes we need to block these eg if our website is being attacked or if someone is spamming the site.

We do collect statistics about candidates that visit etaxjobs and provide this generic information to 3rd parties if we feel it is appropriate to do so. This information is not specifically about you, rather it provides an overall picture of how candidates engage with our sites.

Please note that the use of etaxjobs is free for a candidate and that you will never be asked for payment or to supply credit card details. If you think this is being requested please contact immediately as it would suggest that you have been subject to a phishing attack.


Who is your personal data shared with?

Our staff

Etaxjobs has employees and external contractors that work for the business. They may have access to your personal data in certain circumstances, but this access is very limited and only allowed by the CEO if essential for business purposes. Chris Bale, the CEO (an employee and sole shareholder) is the only member of staff with day to day access to all personal data.

Recruiters and employers

The primary purpose of etaxjobs is to put you in touch with the employer or recruiter that is advertising a job you apply for. You are in complete control over which recruiter or employer sees your personal data. They cannot access any information about you unless you apply to a specific job that they are advertising.


We use an email marketing software called Sendinblue to send our monthly newsletters. The only personal data about you that is shared with Sendinblue is your email address. 


This is a CRM software that we use to store your data securely and to keep a record of contact we have with you.

Organisations that provide etaxjobs with a service

Just to cover all situations we will list here people like our accountants, our lawyers and other experts that we rely on in the course of conducting our business.

The only service providers that will have access to your personal data are The Strategies Group and Firefish. We lease the job board software from Strategies and they also provide us with day to day technical support to ensure the smooth running of the sites. They also host the sites for us. Firefish own the CRM software that we use and host a sister website called


We might share your personal data with a governmental or other public authority if we are required to do so by law or if there is litigation or an investigation and it is in our interests to do so.

Sale of etaxjobs ltd

If we decide to sell etaxjobs ltd then we will share your personal data with the acquirer of the business. Equally, we might sell certain assets of etaxjobs ltd to a third party, for example the database, so in this case your personal data would be shared with the acquirer.

How does etaxjobs use your personal data ?

Mainly in order to communicate with you to help you with using our job board service. So, for example, we would send you an email confirmation when you apply for a specific job. We also offer a recruitment agency service and we might also communicate with you about jobs that we are managing.

We will also send you our monthly newsletter or an eshot that you have consented to, unless of course you have withdrawn consent or unsubscribed.

If our terms of business or these privacy terms change significantly then we need to contact you to explain how this could impact you. We will do this by email.

In order to meet our legal and/or regulatory obligations with relevant governmental or other authorities.

In order to deal with any complaints or to edit or delete your personal data.

In order to manage our business eg with respect to our internal accounting requirements, IT systems and hosting.


Transfers of Personal Data Overseas

We store your personal data in the UK and Europe but the UK will be our lead data protection supervisory authority. etaxjobs limited offers a global job-seeking service both within and outside the European Economic Area. etaxjobs or its representative may transfer only the information you provide to us to countries outside the European Economic Area (‘EEA’) for the purposes of providing you with recruitment services. We will take steps to ensure adequate protections are in place to ensure the security of your information. The EEA includes all the EU member states plus also Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. However, you should be aware that employers outside of the EEA may not be GDPR compliant.


We operate three databases, one that sits on the etaxjobs’ server, one that is stored with SendinBlue (email addresses only) and a third that is stored with Firefish,

We are committed to ensuring there is no unauthorized access to personal data that we hold. Our software will only allow complex passwords to be created and our staff can only access personal data if they are given a one-off login and password for that section of data by the CEO, Chris Bale. This is provided only if essential. As mentioned earlier, the only individuals with access to all personal data are Chris Bale and The Strategies Group and Firefish, the last two being the companies we use to manage our websites and hosting.

We continually review our security in terms of storage, access, processing and collection. We also take physical security very seriously and this is reviewed annually.

All employees and external contractors undergo a security briefing and training before they are allowed to access any part of where personal data is stored.

The database is hosted by the Strategies Group, which has its own internal security procedures to protect the database from unauthorised access.

The database of emails that we hold externally on Sendinblue is password protected. This is only accessible by the CEO, Chris Bale.

The CRM database hosted by Firefish is secured through the Microsoft Azure Infastructure and located at two data centres within Europe. The primary centre is located in Microsoft’s Western European centre, and these facilities are secured by a series of measures, including (but not limited to) biometric access, security alarm systems, round-the-clock security staff.

If for any reason there is a breach of security and unauthorized access is gained to data, etaxjobs will notify affected individuals within 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach, assuming this breach poses a risk (as per GDPR guidelines).

Despite the security measures we have in place to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of your data will not take place.


Do you want to edit or delete your personal data ?

You have two choices here.

1)  You can log in to your account and edit or delete all personal data about yourself or

2)   You can email and instruct us to do this for you. We will respond within 24 hours and act on the instruction within 48 hours.

What are your rights ?

These have been mentioned in the information above but just so it is clear:

You have the right to raise a complaint with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) if you are not happy with how we have responded to your query regarding privacy. Here is the web address:

You have the right to opt out of the newsletters that we send you from Sendinblue.

You have the right to withdraw consent

You have the right to ask etaxjobs what personal data we hold about you at any time.

You have the right to ask us to edit or correct or delete personal data that we hold about you

Contact   to exercise any of these rights. There is no charge for any of them. We will confirm receipt of your email within 24 hours and act within 48 hours.


Age limits to use etaxjobs

Etaxjobs is intended to be used by individuals who are adults, although it is feasible that someone aged 16 or 17 might want to use the site if they have left education.

Parental consent is required for anyone under the age of 16 who wishes to use the website and we reserve the right to remove all personal data and block anyone we think is under 16 and using the site.


Outbound links and Third Party Sites 

This privacy policy does not cover your privacy or personal data storage for any third parties which etaxjobs links to or any recruiters/employers to whom we send your cv. We accept no responsibility for how your personal data is handled by a third party and etaxjobs linking to another site does not mean that we recommend or endorse that site.

We require our clients (recruiters and employers) to agree to use your personal data and cv only for the purposes of the job you applied to. That said, we cannot control their use of any of your personal data that they have access to by virtue of using the etaxjobs’ advertising service.


How long will we keep your personal data ?

We will keep your personal data for as long as necessary to comply with our statutory and contractual obligations and in accordance with our legitimate interests as a data controller, or 30 years, whichever is later. We have chosen 10 years because this is the average amount of time that a tax professional will spend working. Given that someone is likely to have 5-10 tax jobs over the course of a career, you may wish to return and use on multiple occasions.

That said, you can delete your personal data at any point or ask us to do it.

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