Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT)

What is the ADIT ?

The ADIT qualification was developed and is supervised by an Academic Board consisting of several prominent international tax practitioners and scholars: Prof Philip Baker, Prof Rita de la Feria, Prof Malcolm Gammie, Prof Ruth Mason, Prof Philip Postlewaite, Prof Zhu Qing, Prof Diane Ring, Jim Robertson, Prof Luis Schoueri, Dr Partho Shome, Prof Kees van Raad, Jefferson VanderWolk, and Prof Richard Vann.

The overall standard of ADIT is comparable to a postgraduate qualification. ADIT is a professional qualification and intended for experienced tax professionals who wish to focus on international tax.

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Why does etaxjobs support and promote ADIT ?

- ADIT after your name demonstrates your commitment to an international tax career. This is particularly important if you have only focussed on domestic tax issues to date.

- ADIT can act as a passport for tax professionals who wish to move cross-border and work in a different jurisdiction. It will make your cv more marketable and can open doors globally.

- ADIT demonstrates an independent assessment of your international tax expertise and provides a global benchmark of quality and achievement 

- ADIT demonstrates your expertise in multiple tax jurisdictions or topics and in a range of taxation systems

Frequently asked questions:

What is ADIT?
How can I study or prepare for ADIT? Is there course provision in my country?
How long does it take to achieve ADIT?
How do I get the Transfer Pricing certificate or Principles of International Taxation certificate?
What is required for the thesis option?
When can I sit ADIT examinations?
Can I sit the ADIT examinations in my country?
How much does it cost to sit ADIT examinations at a special exam centre?
How do I sit ADIT examinations?
How do I prepare for ADIT examinations?
How do I register for ADIT?

How popular is the ADIT ?

Since the first ADIT exams took place in 2004, the number of international tax professionals pursuing ADIT has continued to grow. Today, the ADIT community includes more than 4,000 students, graduates and International Tax Affiliates in over 120 countries, together with their employers around the world. You can find a selection of their comments about ADIT below.

"I think that the Transfer Pricing Certificate, which I completed as Part 3 of the ADIT qualification, provided a good theoretical foundation for transfer pricing and that it has assisted me in my career. The CIOT has a strong name in the market and holding a professional qualification through them does have a positive impact on one's job prospects (including international prospects when undertaking the ADIT qualification). I recently passed Part 2 of the ADIT and will definitely complete Part 1 next year (and thereby earn the qualification), as I think this will be of great benefit to me in my career.

Deloitte | David Costa, Senior Manager, International Tax/Transfer Pricing | Malta

“ADIT provides in-depth knowledge of cross-border tax, invaluable to a global company like Michelin. It enhances the value that I am able to add to the business and provides opportunities to extend my horizons beyond the UK.”

Michelin | Robert Johnstone ADIT, Director of International Taxation | Singapore

"ADIT has a perfectly balanced curriculum which enabled me to study international tax in a systematic manner, and I found that completing my LL.M. was much simpler because of my previous ADIT studies."

P.R. Bhuta & Co. Chartered Accountants | Harshal Bhuta ADIT, Partner | India

“It can be quite difficult for in-house international tax specialists to acquire a deep and broad technical knowledge base on which to build their practical experience. The ADIT is a unique qualification which perfectly meets this need and was designed with this in mind. I would regard the ADIT as a huge advantage when recruiting for international tax specialist roles.”

RELX Group | Paul Morton, Head of Group Tax | UK

“In recommending an international tax qualification for our staff to pursue, we reviewed what was available in the global marketplace and concluded that ADIT, with its modular structure that combines international tax skills with experience in one of a number of major domestic tax systems, was a very good fit for our competency development requirements.”

Shell | Jim Robertson, VP Tax | USA

“Studying ADIT and gaining the qualification proves to your employer that you are serious about international tax and about pursuing an international career. Studying for ADIT has allowed me to build up broader knowledge in international tax than I would get by just gaining experience on the job.”

Proctor & Gamble | Doris Gonzales-Hurtado ADIT, Tax Manager | Germany

“ADIT is a qualification which will help you gain an in-depth understanding of international taxation and of a home country and a second country’s taxation system. While you prepare for the ADIT Papers, you continue to build a better understanding of international tax. I passed the Hong Kong and China Option Papers and use this expertise to benefit my clients and employer.”

HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng | Grace Xia ADIT, Senior Tax Consultant | Hong Kong

“Not only does ADIT provide a USP for your CV, but there is also a compelling business case to have a tax professional in-house who understands the concepts, and the hard cash reality that it saves advisor fees in dealing with the areas most would instantly outsource. Being a modular qualification, ADIT also helps me better manage my study and manage the demands of my work and home life. For any tax professional, keeping abreast of tax developments is a precondition to doing the right thing both professionally and for the business. With the tax agenda firmly being on improving the effectiveness and collaboration of jurisdictional tax systems, studying for the ADIT qualification puts you at the cutting edge of that.”

Drax Group | Martin Harris, Head of Tax | UK

"In the aim of finding a qualification to broaden my career prospects I got to know the CIOT, and then ADIT, and registered as a student. As I continue to build my experience and expertise in international taxation, I am convinced that having this qualification will contribute to improving both my knowledge and career prospects."

Philip Morris | Florencia Ali, Latin America Services | Argentina

"The addition of the ADIT qualification was a clear choice to enhance our offering as an independent consultancy. It strengthens our own brand, and offers our clients the security that the advice they receive is of an assured, global standard. We have not looked back."

Priority Tax Consulting | James Ryan ADIT, Principal | Ireland

"In pursuing ADIT, I have been able to acquire an understanding of the structure of treaties which enhances my professional expertise; my ADIT studies have also served to refresh my knowledge of legislation, whilst remaining up-to-date with new developments within a fast-changing international tax environment. The syllabus includes a strong corporate focus, and has proved highly relevant to my day-to-day work at EDF, whilst the freedom to select a second jurisdiction paper enables me to develop my expertise across multiple tax systems."

EDF | Karen Fisher ADIT, Senior Tax Manager | UK

"In pursuing the ADIT exams, I developed a strong technical understanding of international tax issues, and by successfully completing ADIT I was able to gain the confidence to apply this technical knowledge of important topics affecting my clients, such as transfer pricing and permanent establishments. My success, first as an ADIT student and now as an International Tax Affiliate of the CIOT, has not only assisted my self-development, but has helped me to gain significant recognition as an international tax practitioner."

Grant Thornton | Quang Tran-Trung Phan ADIT, Tax Manager | Malaysia

“Coming from an accountancy background, I found that, in pursuing ADIT alongside an LL.M. at Leiden, I was able to benefit from a syllabus that enabled me to study for both qualifications simultaneously, and obtain both academic and professional certification within my chosen international tax subjects. Selecting the Transfer Pricing paper challenged me to develop a detailed understanding of a complex subject that has become very pertinent within the current international tax environment.”

Amicorp | Cora Cheung ADIT, Senior Relationship Manager, Product and Restructuring | Singapore

“One of the benefits of ADIT is that it gets you to understand the why behind the rules. Understanding the principles really helps when approaching international tax issues in practice. My international tax Masters was a useful preparation, but the Diploma is significantly more demanding. Nevertheless the syllabus, including the ADIT thesis option, enabled me to use my academic experience as a foundation for successfully achieving the Diploma.”

Chantrey Vellacott | Jeremy Norman ADIT, Tax Consultant | UK

“ADIT is an essential qualification for international tax practitioners.”

Telles de Abreu Advogados | Joao Araujo ADIT, Lawyer | Portugal

"I have found the ADIT to be an invaluable asset in my current role as a Senior Manager in International Tax for Palm; which is a Global Business Unit of Hewlett Packard. The pursuit of the qualification has, to date, provided me with both the theoretical understanding of many of the issues faced on a day to day basis as well as helping me to apply that theory to practical scenarios. In a competitive industry I have found the pursuit of the qualification to be acknowledged by both my peers and by employers as a unique selling point on my CV.” 

Hewlett Packard | Carron McKinney ADIT, Senior Manager in International Tax | Ireland

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